Warmer Windows fabricate PVC-U or Aluminium doors and windows using materials supplied by the industries leading accredited partners.

All our door and window products are made from a specially formulated PVC-U or Aluminium that resists attack from all sources, i.e. weather, destructive insects and burglars. The strength comes from the frame sections and from the basic material which combines weatherproofing and heat and sound insulation with incredible durability.

We use the very latest in computer-aided design techniques to create doors and windows that will blend harmoniously with the overall appearence of your home. We can also offer you a wide choice of designs in order to give you maximum scope for implementing your own ideas to ultimately upgrade the image of your property.

Furthermore, you will find it reassuring to know that our doors and windows are constructed to the highest standards of quality. Unlike many of our competitors, our products are fitted with Shoot Bolt Locking Handles for windows or Multi Point Deadlock systems for doors.